The truth is simple. We can still enjoy direct contact with nature, as simple, beautiful, and regenerative as it is. But I see a future so scary and distant from that. Pandemic, economic system, self-centered, garbage, hyperconnected, detachment, discrimination, artificial intelligence, self-driven cars, virtual reality. 
We live on the edge. It's time to connect the dots and change. Everything? 
I bet on love and empathy. 

Event ESTAU Estarreja Arte Urbana | Curator and producer Mistaker Maker | Promoter and organizer Município de Estarreja
Painting assistants Beatriz Pedrosa e Francisco Gomes
Animation and AR AIM Creative Studios, Cristina Neto | Support for AR Aria Plattform
Photography and video Mariana G. Vaz
The Augmented Reality Experience 
Animation Fragments
Characters, elements and set development for the augmented reality project.
Painting process 
Thank you! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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