O Quebra-cabeças (Body Riddle), picturebook made by Helena Carvalho (text) and Mariana Rio (illustration), aims to trigger a profound reflection about shape, beauty, body and identity in the reader, trying to make him wonder about his perception of himself and others.  In the making of the illustrations, I've created an imaginary world. Fictional beings with diverse forms inhabit this geometric and based on Tangram game world. The image sequence of the book aims to provide the reader with a mental game about these shapes and its possible fittings. The visual narrative leads the reader into deeper thinking of the text’s main issues. O Quebra-Cabeças is a book about different bodies. It is an unfinished puzzle for readers to think about: What is perfection? What are beautiful bodies? Does geometry have anything to do with these matters? 

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Published by Edições Eterogemeas | Text Helena Carvalho | Intro Emílio Remelhe 

Selected - Illustrators Exhibition, Bologna Children's Book Fair (2013)
Jury Distinction – 17th Portuguese National Illustration Award (2013)
Merit Winner - Children's Illustration ProShow Annual, 3x3 The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, NY (2012)
Selected - 100 Books for the Future, Bologna Children´s Book Fair Guest Country Exhibition (2012)
Finalist - CJ Picture Book Awards, Cj Cultural Foundation, Seoul (2010)

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