In 2015, I was invited by Circus Network to do an illustration about the Clérigos Tower, one of the most emblematic monuments in the city of Porto. I accepted the challenge with great happiness. I had the perfect excuse finally to pay a ticket and enter the tower with a group of foreign tourists, right here in my hometown (shame on me for not having done it before).
 By doing so, I found the most fantastic exhibition inside. I learned about the Clerigos Brotherhood and how they asked for donations mostly to the wealthier clergy members to help build the church (and its big bell tower). I stepped the 240 steps in the most narrow corridors leading to the most awkward situations with absolute strangers, and I learned more about the architect Nicolau Nasoni and the body of work he left in Portugal. The cherry on top of the cake was, for sure, having the chance to spot one of the best top views one could get of this unparalleled city!

Collective exhibition Bibó Puorto Carago | Gallery Circus Network 

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