Fullcover it's a business magazine dedicated to the insurance & risk management profession, published by MDS group, the largest insurance broker in Portugal. I have been invited by Studio Dobra to illustrate some of the articles in issue 8. 

One of the things I love most about being an illustrator is to learn. I love to learn every day and about almost every subject. My knowledge about insurance brokers was almost none in the beginning of the project. I had to move fast, read all the articles carefully two or three times in a row. I had to do some more research. 

After that, I drew a lot of sketches - thinking with my pencil - with the will to find the essence of every article I had to illustrate. The final ideas I've chosen are the ones which communicate more directly the most relevant issue in the article. 

Taking part of these project was a challenge, because of the subject and the short amount of time. That is great! I find challenges the best way to evolve and develop new abilities and skills! 

Graphic Design
Studio Dobra

Mariana Rio

Cover illustration
Emergence of new insurance hubs
Self-driven cars 
 Intelectual property
International expansion
Insurance linked securities
Time, people, resources 
Global insurance
Printed magazine
Some of the sketches 

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