Some time ago, I got an invitation from Sacoor Brothers, one of the most iconic Portuguese fashion brands, well known around the globe. The challenge was to make a reinterpretation of the Greyhound, that could work in various cloth pieces, to produce a limited edition to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand.
I started my process as usual, with tons of curiosity! I gathered information, from history to science, that I organized and studied, with some free writing and drawing, exploring various possibilities. 
Finally, I decided to make my best attempt to capture the essence of the relationship between this elegant dog and humans in various quotidian situations, in lively and balanced compositions. 
The result is this pattern, applied to a Blouse and a Dress. I prepared some details as well, and one of my fancy ladies got lucky enough to jump to a T-Shirt. 
Thanks to @sacoorbrothers for the excellent collaboration process. You can find all the final pieces on their website for a limited time. 

Client Sacoor Brothers
Photography Sacoor Brothers website

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