For its 10th birthday, Ó Galeria invited the group of illustrators that was part of the project during this period to make an individual reflection about their cities and their transformations over the last 10 years. Being a Porto girl myself, the city where I was born in the late 80's, I had to make a personal reflection about how the city affects me. The result was a very experimental text and one picture that worked better together than apart.

I love to walk fast and alone in the city. Wandering around is great for thinking and solving creative challenges. Walking is fuel for the imagination.  I love letting myself get lost in the small streets. Although I know them, I always get lost. Finding new things, constructive details, shops, empty houses, people. Owning ideas: that is the best feeling I know. I was born in this city, and here I have lived almost all my life. It is my creative friend, my house. It's a big part of me. I used to walk alone almost every day. The city was practically in ruins, houses falling apart. There were many open doors in abandoned houses and shops where we could get in, to find treasures. Many treasures. I had so much fun entering abandoned houses, taking pictures, finding old papers, patterns, observing the images drew by chance through human interventions throughout time. I was free. I would come back home with a bag full of treasures and a fulfilled soul, ready to explore unknown worlds inside me.

Curated by Ema Sara Ribeiro, Ó!Galeria. Oporto and Lisbon | 2019

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