Diosario, it's an A to Z format book with a selection of gods and spirits found in Peruan ancient culture. This picturebook has a free textual approach to these gods, presented in the first person, with their unique superpowers and strange behaviors. 

As the book's illustrator, I wanted to create a first layer of the narrative image, a unique set of images featuring these creatures that would emphasize the power of every single creature, curiously. In this way, there is an individual narrative in each spread of the book.

On the other hand, I wanted to convey a connection and uniformity to bring the object together. The option of working with five overprinted colors played a significant role in meeting that goal, but it wasn't enough. 

To create a second layer of readability on the images, I created two additional characters, two children, never mentioned in the text, that make a journey to find and meet the gods and spirits. This visual narrative crosses the whole book as a connection wire. 
I tried to enrich the characters, the boy and a girl, with human sensations and emotions. I'm like an actress who embodies the character to then represent it, in my case through drawing. 

I created those children also to represent a mirror of the reader, the child that reads them. They will allow the reader to fly, ride, swim, feel scared, feel enthusiastic, and so on. 

Let's start the adventure! 

Published by Mónimo Edicones | Direction Julia Viñas | Text Elena Fernández Ferro | Investigation Pamela Castro de la Mata and Maria Claudia de la Barra | Graphic Design Estudio Sentido | 2021 | Photography Álvaro Martino

(2022) Special Mention. National Illustration Award Portugal DGLAB. 
(2022) Finalist. LADAWARDS. Latin American Design Awards
(2022) Selection. The Amazing Book Shelf at the BRAW, Bologna Ragazzi Award. Bologna Children’s Book Fair
(2021) Winner. Baba Kamo Illustration Award. Exhibition "Babalunga i Kamolongos". BabaKamo Festival and book fair. Valencia. 
(2021) Acquisition Award. BIG. Bienal Internacional de Ilustração de Guimarães. National Illustration Award BIG. Guimarães.

Some details.
A little bit from behind the scenes. 
Thank you! 
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